Dare to Think Free with Dr. David Duke

David Duke Speaks to the Tea Party

Dr. David Duke speaks straight to the Tea Party Movement about keeping it true to the ideals of our American forefathers and not the values of the New World Order and Hollywood.

David Duke says:

The Tea Party Movement is called racist for being overwhelmingly comprised of European Americans. There is nothing wrong with that! There is no apology for the fact that 99 percent of Blacks voted for Obama and that overwhelming percentages of Mexicans and Jews also voted for Obama.

Most Tea Party people oppose affirmative action and diversity programs that are nothing more than racial discrimination against White people.

Most Tea Party supporters are stopping the massive immigration that is turning America into a Third World Nation.

Most Tea Party supporters oppose the International Bankers such as Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve that is ripping off hard working Americans.

Most Tea Party people despise Hollywood and the Mass Media that continue to promote values that are destroying our people and nation.

Most Tea Party people believe that our Government should put America first over any other foreign power or Government.

But Jewish extremists are trying to subvert the Tea Party Movement to sacrifice American Independence to the power of International Zionism.

True patriots will oppose the control over our foreign policy by Zionists who have loyalty to Israel over America!

True Americans believe as George Washington did, that we must stay out of other people’s wars around the world!

The real threat to America is not in the deserts of Afghanistan but from the bosses of Hollywood and the Media that are destroying our heritage and our fundamental values.

Real Tea Party advocates believe that our troops should not be in Afghanistan protecting their borders, but they should be home protecting our own Mexican-American border.

Help inform Tea Party proponents about this video as it is essential to keeping the Tea Party from being subverted by the real enemies of America!